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Foamwings - the premier site for model aircraft foam-cored wings.

We are located in the mountains of Scotland where the air is fresh, and our most common companions are the deer, buzzards and eagles. Despite our remote location we can still ship our custom-made wings to wherever you need them, either in the UK or anywhere else in the world

All wing cores are cut using a CNC foam cutter and we have more than 3000 airfoils on our database, ready to use. If that's still not enough, you can send us a drawing or a list of co-ordinates for your own design of airfoil, and we can digitise and use that. All designs are kept on file, so if you ever need a repeat order following an 'unplanned modification' to your wings during your last flying session, you only need to let us know.

Size really doesn't matter to us, although there are some limitations. If the chord is more than 750mm, or the thickness of the airfoil is more than 500mm, then it's outside of the operating range of our current equipment and we wouldn't be able to help you. However, span is not an issue, and within those dimensions we can cover almost every modeller's requirements.

The range of services we offer has been extended to include not only obeechi veneer or balsa clad white or blue foam, as well as EPP, but also vac-bagged carbon, Kevlar and glass coverings; 'live' hinges, inset spars, (spruce and carbon) and custom re-inforcing; servo cut-outs, wiring chanels, and anything else you can come up with that we can do to build you the wings you require, whether for glider, electric, power or jet.

Click on our Custom Wing Service for a quote, or drop us an e-mail (Contact Foamwings) if that's easier for you. You can even give us a call if you just need some advice or want to have a chat about a project you have in mind.

All correspondance will be answered along with a newsletter that will eventually go out to all who have subscribed.


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Wings now come with skins either bonded with latex or vacuum bagged with epoxy adhesive

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